Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Out and about

Since my last blog entry life has been hectic. First I went to the Doing the Stuff conference in Nottingham where Steve Sjrogren and Mike Turrigiano were guest speakers. Steve spoke on servant evangelism (great stuff - very inspiring) and also about '10 things I learnt the day i died'..... very moving and powerful story. Then we had the pleasure of Mike coming up to Hull Vineyard to speak on Sunday when he shared his testimony.

Following more or less straight on from that we had our 'MIC' meetings down at the Oast Houses and I have to say it was one fo the best ones yet. No undercurrents this time - just everyone reading off the same page and wanting to follow God's agenda rather than their own..... rather refreshing!

Janie & I have just celebrated our 12th anniversary and Jack his 8th birthday! Can't believe where time goes.....


Blogger kp said...

dude, we've got to get your blogging life up to par... even i'm not as bad as 3 months behind!

2:14 am

Blogger Dan Wilt said...

Happy Anniversary and Birthday! What a beautiful family. It's a privilege to be a part of your world.

6:16 pm

Blogger Simon Parry said...

Hey Chris. Great to see you have a blog mate. Planning on anymore entries!! Bless you loads.

10:26 pm

Blogger Dan Wilt said...

Okay, Chris. Time to write more.

11:03 am


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